It’s been awhile since I put my thumbs to screen and typed out some thoughts. Partly because I’ve been too busy to think (Thats a lame excuse) and partly because I’ve just been a little timid to put my thoughts out there (for some stupid reason). Maybe it’s the crazy Trumpified world we live in keeping me feeling like ???

One of the reasons I wanted to a new website was I wanted to hit the “refresh” button on a few things, one of them being introducing a somewhat frequent blog/ramble. There will be no real rhyme or reason to the subjects, nor will they always have to do with real estate, hockey/sports or being a dog owner. I promise all of my rambles will be REAL and not a fake. I see some people who are clearly paying for someone to keep their Facebook account flooded with unpersonalized garbage, and it’s becoming a pet peeve of mine.

I vow to cover a variety of topics & keep things as PG as possible. My comments and views are Mine, and I don’t expect everyone to share the same feelings or agree with all my thoughts. I look forward to giving you a few of my thoughts, and I hope I can generate a few constructive conversations/ debates.

Stay tuned!